How do you view obstacles? 

You have an idea, you set your goals.  You know this is the one thing you really want to do, nothing can stop you.  Well, until an obstacle comes your way.  It may be an unsupportive partner, finances, time, etc...

So what do you do?  Do you allow that dream to just fade?  Do you tell yourself "It was a silly idea anyway?"

Or do you ask yourself

 "What other way can I make this happen?"

  "How important is this to me?"

  "Why is this important?  What is the purpose of me doing this?"

  "What do I need to do to overcome this obstacle?"

 "Who do I need to help me  make this happen?"

Find a resourceful answer to every unresourseful answer you give yourself.

For every idea, thought, dream you have there is a reason for it.  It serves you follow it and allow yourself to grow and develop your true potential.

You owe it to yourself and only You can make it happen.

Trust, Believe, Take Action and it will happen.

Thoughts, experiences, feedback are most welcome.

To your Dreams and Success
Christine Lee