It is Christmas Eve.  It is a time when many of us reflect and are grateful for what we have and all we have achieved.  It is a time to give to those less fortunate.  Giving of time is the most precious gift one can give.  It can be as simple as a cup of tea with an elderly neighbour that is living alone.  It can be taking a plate of home cooked goodies to a friend or neighbour.

Take a few minutes today and think of what it is that you are grateful for.  What can you do to make someone else smile?

Come from  a heart space, feel not think.  Coming from the heart is the core of who you are. 

Build that muscle. 

Even little you can contribute a change to the world.  Smile,  send positive thoughts , kind words, compliment someone close to you, or a stranger.

Notice the reaction.  See how you feel.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Sending loving thoughts and warm wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Christine  Lee