Words from an Elder

This was written late November, but not posted on my blog.   Late December the 89 year old man had passed away.   I feel a great loss and miss him deeply.  His conversations are still fresh in my mind.
 It is a reminder of how we must always live each day as our last.


Start life like you know nothing.

Listen and learn from the ones that have experienced hardships, survived and have succeeded in fulfilling their dreams.  Your destiny is your destiny.

You plan it, set your goals and follow your plans.

Certain obstacles may come your way, learn from them and continue on your way.


This wonderful humble man is 89.

Along with his wisdom is his humour.   He talks often how he has his ticket to heaven, and will save me a spot.  He smiles.  He continues to share the happy life he has lived.

He has no regrets and no resentment.

He has no anger, only love and compassion.

This is a man that has live through wars, captured by the Japanese.

How many of us can look back to just a week, let alone a lifetime and have no anger, and no resentment?

How many of us have our hearts filled with love, compassion and gratitude?


There is also his beautiful wife.  She has just turned 80.  There is always a smile on her face.  Love sparkles through her eyes.   She has the love in her heart that can be felt by all.  She is caring and giving.  Too giving at times that she forgets about herself.

I sense at times the pain in her heart.  I see it through her eyes.  Even through those times she continues to have a brave, happy face.  It is then that I know she needs a hug and a kiss on the cheek.   She smiles once again and speaks to me through her eyes and through the warmth of her touch.  No words are exchanged.  We understand one another.


I look forward to spending quality time with my friends.

I listen.  I listen with intent .I have learnt from them and continue to learn.   No textbook can give me the life lessons they share.

I listen to them like I listen to a storyteller.  I am captured in the life they have lived, the experiences they have shared.


 I cannot express how grateful I am to have them in my life.

It is no coincidence our paths have crossed.