Examining your Internal Dialogue

Here I am sitting having a cup of tea, thinking about my next blog.

What do I write about?

I stop and gaze for a minute and my focus wonders on two children playing nearby.   I see the carefreeness, innocence, and their laughter flowing through. They are playing with sticks they found close by, creating something.  No words are being shared.  They continue to build, not questioning, not doubting.  Is it too high or too low, round or square?  It does not matter to them. I witness the pride in their smiling faces.

They are just being.  Trusting that whatever it will be, it will be a masterpiece!

I take my focus back to my notepad and think with a smile and ask, “Why as adults, we pollute our minds with thoughts that are not serving us? ”

Be mindful in your choice of thoughts

Have you ever noticed the thoughts that race through your mind?

Too busy, you might say to take out some time to examine Your Internal Dialogue.

In this busy life that we all lead, would it not make sense to examine your internal dialogue, your thoughts?

Think about the conversations you have with yourself.

Take some time now, yes right now and think about your daily activities.

Everything you do, day to day began with a thought.

The simple act of brushing your teeth began with a thought, preparing for work took some thought and planning.  Having your kids ready for school incorporates thought, planning coordinating.

There are probably days where not so much thought was given.

Was this a chaotic day?

So what are these thoughts that race through your mind?

How are they zapping your energy and not allowing you to complete a task?

What about the job you want to apply for?

The business idea, or did someone tell you that the business is risky? Staying in a secured paid job is “safer” even if it means it is impacting on your health and time with your family

That marathon you always dreamed of running?

Did you tell yourself the training and planning will consume too much time.

Did you share the idea with a friend and told you, you are nuts?

Does the little voice in your head tell you, you are not ready yet?

Does the little voice in your head tell you, you don’t know enough?

What else is this voice saying to you?

Set some time and reexamine these thoughts.

Make an appointment with yourself to do this, NOW, no better time than NOW, later means maybe and maybe, might be never.

Every minute, every thought can be moving you towards your dreams or creating roadblocks.

Forget your reasons, forget your excuses.

You are given one life make it happen.

You and your thoughts can only do this.


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