Being optimistic is more than having a positive attitude.

An optimistic attitude can benefit a person’s health and wellbeing.

Many studies have proven that an optimistic outlook contributes to cardiovascular health, reducing the risk in heart attacks and strokes.

The Public School of Health at Harvard University conducted one of these studies.

People with a positive attitude tend to engage in healthier behaviours, exercise,eat right and get enough sleep.


  •        Optimism can help people get through extreme forms of stress
  •        Linked to a longer life
  •        Lower stress levels
  •        Reduced difficulties in sleeping
  •        Are more mindful, being able to enjoy the moment
  •        When overwhelmed with a problem they seek for solutions and not over analyse the problem

Some people are born optimistic, but others have to learn optimism.

You can begin to learn optimism by practicing a few simple steps.

Approach the problem as if you are advising a friend.  You can analyse the problem (not over analyse) with out being emotionally involved.

Once you have analysed the problem you will discover that it is not so overwhelming.

What will naturally follow is optimism, solutions, ideas, and options in resolving the problem.

Another technique is to look at a problem as being small and temporary.  Come up with a plan to deal with one factor that may be causing the problem.  This will be easier for you to deal with it.  While working through this an optimistic attitude will slowly be building up.

Maintaining an optimistic state has many benefits.

Optimism can be learnt.  As anything you want to perfect it takes practice.

Creating a positive thought pattern you will be creating positive behaviour.



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