The Marathon of Life

The Marathon of Life

I thought of this blog while running the Gold Coast Marathon July 2012

Mmm   the marathon, yes it is a long way.  42.195 km.  As a keen runner your mind is set, focused.

I knew in every cell of my body that I would cross that finish line.

The training, the commitment, the early morning Sunday runs in winter, while everyone else was in bed curled up with their dooner, or in a coffee shop sipping a warm cappuccino.  I guess I could have created so many reasons (excuses) as to why I can miss one Sunday. “It was cold.  It’s the weekend; normal people sleep in on a Sunday. Maybe I can catch up with friends.”

I most certainly could have used any of the reasons (excuses) not to train.  Without the training, there is no reward.  The reward for me was to complete the marathon.

This was the big day.   I wanted it so bad that nothing was going to hold me back from crossing that finish line.  Yes there was pain, my mind playing games with me at the 29 km mark. I could have given up at the 29km.  I chose not to.  I had a plan; the plan was a mantra, custom made from me to me.  Well here it is “I am strong.  I am a mean machine”.  I kept repeating it time after time until I started to feel it, I started to believe it.  My speed picks up and I run with a smile. Nothing is stopping me.

Just think for a moment.  If I had created a negative dialogue with myself, do you think I would have crossed the finish line or even attempted to run?

This brings me to The Marathon of Life.  Is life not filled with marathons?

Everything we want, everything we desire seems so far away and out of reach.  It seems unreachable because up until now it has only been an idea.  Manifest the idea, take action.

How many times have you wanted something so bad but the obstacles you created for yourself, the negative dialogue with yourself stopped you from taking action?  What thoughts did you have?  What limiting beliefs were you telling yourself?  You must have done a great job at sabotaging yourself if you did not follow through.

What could you have said differently?  What could you have done differently?

You can’t turn back the clock but you can look to the future.

The next great idea, challenge you have, create a positive dialogue for yourself.  Your thoughts become your actions.  Choose your thoughts wisely.  Choose a mantra for yourself, choose one that motivates you.  Make it unique to you. You are unique; your dreams are unique to you.  You are deserving of what your heart desires.

I would love to hear of your wins.  Anything shared will remain confidential unless you would like to share it and inspire others.

To Your Success and the Uniqueness in You.


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