Working through Your Fear

Working through your fear can be as simple as starting with the language that you are accustomed to using, For example  “I hope I get the job” to “I know I will get the job”

LearLearning to use positive language sets a positive outcome.

Repeat each sentence and be aware of the emotion linked to the sentence.

“I hope I get the job” may feel helpless, no real vision of it happening. It feels almost impossible to accomplish.   This choice of words will create a sense of fear, and at times anxiety.

“I know I will get the job” has a sense of certainty that you will get the job.  You have a real vision of it happening.   Fear may be present, but not strong enough to hold you back from achieving your desired outcome.

“I don’t know if I can do this” to “I know I can do this”

“I am so scared to try this, it is so new to me” to “It is so exciting trying something new.  This is a great learning for me.  This will be the beginning to greater opportunities”.

As you awake in the morning pay attention to your thoughts.  The first thoughts can set your day.

The choice of our thoughts can be the beginning of a happy day or the beginning of a miserable long day.

Approach every fear you encounter with positive language.  Observe your language manifesting to positive serving emotions, resulting in positive actions giving you the results you deserve.

Fear may be keeping you safe but may also be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Conquer every thought of fear with a positive message to yourself.  It is the beginning of breaking down the walls to freeing your mind, your body, your spirit.

We all experience fear some time in our life.  It is a normal healthy emotion.  The secret is to understand the fear.  What is it that we are afraid of?  Identify the fear.  Is this fear serving you? Is it keeping you from fulfilling a dream?

Take yourself back to your childhood.    You learnt to crawl, walk, run, climb trees; you had your first driving lesson.  The list goes on.  Was fear present? Perhaps but the rewards of achieving what you yearned for were greater.
You did not allow fear to stand in your way.

You are greater than your fear; your dreams are greater than your fear.   You are worthy of all you dream of.


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