Are You Resisting Change?

As we begin the New Year, some of us may be feeling a little restless.
Asking ourselves “Is it Time for a Change?”

Change comes with challenges.
Could it be that it is the Challenges we are resisting, and not what the change will bring?

Here are 5 signs that you may need a change.
1. The excitement you once had for your job/career has diminished.
2.Your Self Talk convinces you to stick it out, even though your soul is crying out and ready for a change.
3. You have outgrown the passion for your job. Are you using your creativity or suppressing it?
4. You feel burnt even after returning from a relaxing and exciting holiday.
5. Financially you are satisfied, but still feel unfulfilled.

Trust the voice inside of you thats calling you to reinvent yourself or lead yourself to your next chapter.

You are all continuously growing and evolving.
It may be scary, but if your soul is calling out listen to it.
The restlessness you are feeling can lead you to creativity or destructive habits or sabotage.

By having an honest conversation with yourself you will identify why you are resisting change.

Face the challenge of Change.

Wishing you a Happy Year

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