Dealing with Frustration

I trust this blog finds you well and helps you deal with frustrating situations.

Frustration has a different meaning for us all. When we are feeling frustrated it is difficult to identify the emotion we are feeling.

Frustration can be a result of being upset, annoyed, angry, disappointed, discouraged, dissatisfied or aggravated, and so many more emotions.

The last few weeks have been a little challenging for me, recovering from surgery.
Which is what led me to write this blog.

The physical limitations, lack of sleep and pain, play on one’s emotions.
So I can honestly say,  I have been feeling a little frustrated.
I needed to remind myself that this is out of my control and doing the best I can.

Once I identified the source of my frustration and allowed myself the time to heal, the road to recovery became much easier.
It was like I was given this time to wind down, read, write, catch up on the phone with friends, and even watch a movie or two.
The cold weather has made it so easy to snuggle up with my blanket and read or write or watch a movie.

Learning to identify where your frustration is coming from (the source)  can help you deal with the frustration and overcome it.

Identify your frustration is it Internal or External?

Internal Source; a loss of confidence, low self-esteem, afraid of certain social situations.
External Source; Often it’s the condition you encounter outside yourself that is the source of your frustration.
These may include people, places and things that are roadblocks to reaching your outcome.
A common situation of an external source of frustration is being stuck in traffic or waiting in line.

Be aware of how you react when you are feeling frustrated.
Do you:
Get angry
Give up
Lose self-esteem
Feel a loss of self-confidence
Experience stress and anxiety
Feel sad, uncertain
Turn to substance abuse
Engage in another negative, self-destructive or addictive behaviours.

Becoming more aware of when and where you become frustrated can enable you to implement strategies to cope or deal with the frustration.

Do You Find Yourself Frustrated at Certain Times?
Are you feeling more frustrated when it is time to pay bills?
Have deadlines to meet?
Is it at the beginning of the week, when you think of the workload that lies ahead?
Once you can see the patterns for your frustrations you will be able to implement a strategy, coping mechanisms to help you deal with your frustration.

Are There Certain People that make you frustrated?
A colleague, boss, family member, or someone you may have had a disagreement with?

What other things get you frustrated?

What has worked for you in the past when you were frustrated?
How did you deal with it?

Some strategies and coping methods are below.
Ask yourself what is one step I could take right now to improve this situation?
Deep Breathing and Meditation
Techniques to help you release your frustration.
Practice Gratitude
Relaxation activities
A hobby
Coaching or Counselling

I hope you find the article helpful and has given you some ideas when feeling frustrated.
Please feel free to share the article.

“Do The Things You Love, Love The Things You Do”

Have a great week.

Warmest Regards,
Christine Lee😀









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