Go Within. Stop Searching Outside Yourself

Most often we find ourselves searching outside ourselves for answers.
It may be religion, medicine, books, other people, and scientific studies, in cases of illness.
The more we search outside ourselves, the more we alienate ourselves from who we truly are.
When we are still enough we become aware that all that happens to us is a trigger to something within us to take us back to who we really are.
It is the time to ask yourself “What is the lesson here? “ “What is it that I am not paying attention to?”

Our beliefs are beliefs we have created through our experiences, our parent’s experiences, past on from generation to generation. They are stories we heard and stories we told ourselves. They become our beliefs about our selves and how we perceive the world.
As we continue to carry these beliefs they keep us disconnected from our truth.
When we listen to our heart and learn to create our new beliefs it is then that we are moving closer to we truly are.

Every thought, emotion and action has an affect not only on us but the whole.
What I mean by the whole is the Universe. We are all connected. We are all an extension of the universe.

See your life as door that remains open, allowing it to bring you greater awareness that will guide you and allow you to who you truly are.

Your life is a gift to unwrap and discover the hidden treasures.


  1. james john 4 years ago

    Thank you!

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