Goals, Goals, Goals! Are You Setting Too Many Goals, or Are They Unrealistic Goals?

Do you set goals and never achieve them?
You begin your goal setting feeling positive, you know you want this.
You are overwhelmed with excitement and on such a high.
You make a start and then it all becomes too hard.
The self-talk creeps in. The little voices of doubt. So, you surrender to the voices.
The dream is forgotten.
It is time to go within and have a clear understanding of your goals, dreams and aspirations.
Be honest with yourself.
Talk to yourself as if you are talking to your best friend.
You want what’s best for them right?

You are the Master of your Mind.
Ask yourself the following questions:
• Do you see yourself achieving your goal?
• How do you feel now that you have achieved your goal?
• Can you hear the celebrations around you?
• What are you telling yourself?
Use all your senses, feel it in every cell in your body.

You have heard the saying “If you see it you will believe it”
How about See It and You Will Believe It”?

Now that you have a clear vision of your goal, continue with further questioning.
• Have I planned my goals, or are they  vague thoughts waiting to happen?
• Why achieving my goal is important to me?
• How will this make a difference to my life now, and in a year’s time?
• Are my goals realistic?
• How do I know if they are realistic?
• Have I set too many goals?
• Have I prioritised my goals?
• Am I feeling excited, committed or overwhelmed and stressed?
• Where do I begin?
• How do I begin?
• What if something comes up and interferes with my plan?
• Who is supporting me?
• Who can help me?
• Do I need to seek expert advice?

My Own Realisation
I was setting too many goals. Being a very visual person. I could see my goals becoming my reality.
I was in full gear, no breaks to hold me back!
I love life and always live by the motto
“Live Each Day As If Each Day Is Your Last”

I didn’t want to sit and watch life go by. I wanted to embrace each and every minute.
Create my list, and plan my goals.
I planned and over planned. What I noticed was, I was caught up in the doing and not the being.
Focused on my outcomes, and what I needed to do, the journey became overwhelming and my goals not achievable.
My dreams were real.
Achieving them, I knew would bring me great fulfilment, not only for myself but for others too.
It was time for me to sit back and reflect.

My Message to You
My message to you is to be kind and patient with yourself, as you would with a child.
Dream and Dream Big! Focus on one goal at a time, prioritise.
Plan it and plan it well. Be flexible, if something is not working for you, don’t give up, try a different approach.
Learn from mistakes, there is a lesson there, pay attention.
Develop daily practices to keep you excited and motivated.
Reward yourself with every progress don’t wait till the end.
Remember to have fun!

I trust that after reading this article you will have more successful outcomes.
Feel free to share if you feel it may be of value to someone.

Please feel free to contact me if you require support or have any questions.

Warmest Regards,



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