Tips To Help You Remain Motivated To Exercise In The Winter

As I prepared to go for my morning walk, I noticed that it was significantly cooler than usual. I couldn’t believe it since it was only May and in Sydney, May is usually crisp but comfortable. I felt the coldness on my fingertips, my nose was red, and my head and ears were in dire need of a beanie. It seems like the cold weather has arrived earlier than expected in Sydney. I wonder if this is a sign of a colder winter or if we just forget how cold it gets as we approach the winter months.
Regardless of what the temperature might be, I was determined to go for my 1-hour morning walk. As I stepped outside, I checked the temperature and was surprised to see it was only 8 degrees, “surely this can’t be right?” I thought. Yep, it was 8 degrees!  Despite my initial doubts, I bundled up and put on my headphones, listening to one of my favourite podcasts as I set off at a slightly brisker pace than usual.
Soon enough, I began to warm up and enjoy the benefits of being outside in the calm of the morning. As the sun started to peek through the sky, I felt invigorated and grateful.

Not everyone enjoys exercising in the morning. Some people prefer to work out in the middle of the day or afternoon. However, the colder weather can make it difficult to maintain our exercise routine regardless of the time of day we choose to exercise.


How can one maintain momentum over time in the cold weather?

To keep me motivated and continue exercising, I make use of certain techniques that may also be helpful to you.
If you find anything on the list that resonates with you, jot it down and make a commitment to follow through.
Personally, I love using Sticky Notes as they catch my attention, especially the colourful ones.
Whenever I spot one, it reminds me that there’s something important that I shouldn’t overlook.
I suggest you try writing on a Sticky Note and placing it where you’ll see it first thing in the morning, like on your bathroom mirror or bedroom door.

The benefits outweigh the initial slight discomfort



10 Tips That Can Make It Easier For You

  1. Prepare yourself mentally the night before.  Think about the exercise activity you will do tomorrow.  Think of the end feeling, the invigoration it will leave you with.The endorphin release and the energy you will have.

  2. Create a mantra and affirmation an example may be “I am committed, nothing can stop me” 

  3. To avoid disturbing someone you share a room with, place your clothes outside your bedroom. 

  4. It’s important to choose warm and comfortable clothing.

  5. When you are beginning to exercise in cold weather, don’t check the temperature, your mind will be playing all sorts of games with you. 

  6. Allow time for your exercise, so you are not rushing late to get ready for work or prepare dinner or whatever else is planned after your exercise. This will result in stress and the stress will be your reason/excuse to not continue with the exercise plan.

  7. If you prefer to exercise with music or listen to a podcast or audiobook, make your selection before you begin.

  8. Exercise with a buddy, your buddy and yourself will be accountable to each other.

  9. If you prefer to exercise alone, be creative, take a new route every second day, and mix your exercise routine.

  10. As you exercise think of how good you feel, if it doesn’t at first, try a little self-persuasion, tell yourself that day by day you will enjoy it more and more. 


You have committed to your exercise plan for a week.  Congratulations! How will you reward yourself? 

Welcome to a brand new way of being and doing things.  It’s a brand-new lifestyle that can create a brand-new YOU.


  • How are you feeling after this week?

  • Did you find it easy to adjust?

  • What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

  • What’s your greater vision, what is next on your journey?


I trust you found the article helpful.
Please feel free to share your experience or if you have a question feel free to reach out.
If you found value in the article please feel free to share it.
Warmest Regards,

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