How Writing Helped Me Through A Time of Profound Loss



I trust this article finds my readers in good health and in a space of peace.

Today I woke up with the urge to write to you.  After almost two years of not blogging and writing, (except for my daily journaling) holding on to so many thoughts and feelings that consumed me.

The Reason For My Absence

I feel it is time to share some of my journey with you.  I feel that with every experience, whether it may be sad, traumatic, or challenging we always have the opportunity to learn, find the gift and use what we have learnt to help others.  I trust what I share today we help you find the gift if you have experienced a difficult time or are currently experiencing some challenges. If something is weighing on you, I hope after reading this you find some comfort and look at your situation from a different perspective.

For those of you that know me personally, whether you are a client, friend, or colleague, you know that I always speak from the heart and allow myself to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is not a weakness.  It takes courage to be vulnerable as you expose yourself you let go of fear and judgement from others.  It is about being authentic with yourself and going deep within to connect with what makes you who you are and being comfortable with it.

The Virus That Shook the World

Close to two years ago, I visited my parents overseas, in Cyprus.  What was to be a six-month stay became a year and a half.
It was during the time of Covid 19, 2020, Alpha Variant.   It was a frightening time for everyone.  People became ill, and many loved ones were lost.

We all searched for answers.  The Medical Profession had no answers, it was all new to them.  All we were told was to protect ourselves and follow protocol.

The Loss of My Parents

In March 2021 my parents became very ill.  What seemed like a cold that just kept getting worse, proved to be Covid.

Never in my life have I felt so helpless.  The doctor could not visit because of the highly contagious disease.  I was given instructions and nursed them to the best of my capability.
Mid-March they were admitted to the hospital.  I was receiving daily phone calls from the hospital.  Unable to visit, I could not speak to them or see them.

Mid-April I lost both my parents, four days apart.


How Writing Helped Me

As I write this article all the emotions revisit, but each time it is becoming more and more cathartic.  It is like peeling back a layer of pain that resides in my heart.

Each day I journaled, at times the tears were uncontrollable, but my heart felt lighter.   I would post on social media and share photos of my beautiful parents.  At times there was denial.    I worked through the 5 Stages of Grief sometimes bouncing back and forth.  Whatever I felt I wrote.  There was no right or wrong.  There was nothing held back, it was a partnership with my journal.  It asked no questions; it did not judge it encouraged me to write.

Writing can be the path to your heart’s freedom, the uncluttering of your mind and the discovery of a new you.  Allow the transformation to begin.

Writing can help you:

  • Heal
  • Ignite creativity
  • Clear your head from clutter and help you focus
  • It can be your accountability buddy
  • Help you express yourself
  • Become a better communicator
  • Discover things about yourself you did not know or maybe suppressed
  • It can help you transform
  • Find your purpose
  • And much more!

Writing can help you find your GIFT.

I trust after reading the article inspires you to begin to write, continue to write and allow it to lead you to where you are meant to be.

A sincere thank you to those of you that reached out and questioned my absence out of concern.

Please feel free too reach out by email, phone or on social  media.

Warmest Regards,


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  1. Maria Drossi 1 year ago

    Agape just beautiful please continue to write and encourage others .. you are pure light .. Thank you for your gifts 🙏🥰

    • Author
      Christine Lee 1 year ago

      Thank you Maria for your kind words and encouragement. It means a lot. Take Care of 💜

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