Are You a Hamster On a Wheel?


At times we all become so caught up in our day-to-day tasks.  We may want to pursue something that is important to us but never make the time for it.  We find every reason why we don’t have the time.  We can solidly back up every reason to justify our lack of time.  Those reasons are excuses, excuses we find and conditioned ourselves to believe that what we are doing is more important than what we want to do.  Chores around the house become important, the ironing, cleaning, cooking, and looking after our children, even if they are adults and totally capable of looking after themselves.
If you are a male, gardening suddenly needs extra attention, and you have neglected it, (you convince yourself you have neglected it), the car, your partner’s car needs cleaning, and the odd maintenance around the house somehow has now become a priority. We get caught up in a vicious circle.

Have you ever wondered why we tend to put the needs of others before our own?

It’s a common occurrence that can leave us feeling drained and unfulfilled. However, it’s important to remember that taking care of ourselves should be a top priority. By prioritizing our own needs, we can ensure that we have the energy and resources to support others in the long run. So, next time you find yourself putting someone else first, take a moment to consider your own needs as well. You deserve to be taken care of too.

When I see a picture of a hamster on a wheel, I ask myself “What is the hamster chasing or what is it running from?”

At times I find myself being just that, a hamster on a wheel.  When that happens I pause and sit back and ask myself  “What am I chasing, what am I running from?” The conversations we have with ourselves are the most important conversations.  Be honest with yourself and don’t allow your mind from stealing your happiness. Your thoughts can find you reasons/excuses that will put you back on the hamster wheel.

I can look back at times when it felt more comfortable to ride the hamster wheel.  My thoughts were stealing my happiness.  It was only when I sat down, paused, took a few deep breaths and asked myself some questions and answered them honestly that I was able to stop the vicious cycle and live my life with purpose, pursue what brought me happiness, growth and discover new learnings, step out of my comfort zone and see life through different lenses. The motivation begins and the inspiration from inside became my driver.

I was no longer being chased by the endless lists of “have to, must do and should do”.  I was no longer running away from the ideas and dreams I had.  I was no longer running from one hamster wheel to another. 

Knowing that if I did what brought me fulfilment and peace gave me the inspiration and motivation to continue.  It was keeping my dream alive.  I knew it was possible. The pros were greater than the cons.  It was about growth.  With growth comes painful experiences, and those painful experiences became my greatest lessons.

The prompts below are some questions that may help you rethink and re-evaluate what you feel are priorities and motivate you and live your life with intention.


Some prompts that may help you jump off the hamster wheel

1. What am I chasing?

  • Is it the endless expectations I place on myself and am never able to meet them?
  • Am I chasing an unrealistic dream?


2. Why do I continue to do this, ride the wheel?

  • Is it because I feel I may hurt someone or disappoint someone?
  • I think there is no other way, this is what my parents did
  • This is what I chose to do, I have to stick to it, even if I am miserable


3. What am I afraid of?

  • Is it fear of success?
  • Fear of not being good enough?
  • Fear of rejection?
  • Fear of what others may think?
  • Fear of failing?

4. What am I resisting?

  • What is holding me back?
  • Is it resistance to change?
  • What will this mean for me if I continue to resist?

It is time to jump off your Hampster Wheel.  No more chasing, no more running unless chasing and running is about you pursuing what you want to do and achieve.

I trust the article has been helpful.  Please feel free to reach out.

Warm Regards

Christine 💜

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  1. John 1 year ago

    Great Read. It made think outside the square. Thank you for the valuable prompts

    • Author
      Christine Lee 1 year ago

      Thank you John. I am happy you found the article helpful

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