Wealth or Health, What Does It Mean To You?



At what costs do we continue to push ourselves to fulfil the demands of others or the demands we place on ourselves while ignoring our own health?

What are we working towards? 

How important is it that we continue to push ourselves?   

Will we be in good health to enjoy the rewards once we have reached our goal?

How can we do things differently before they affect our health?

I was driven to write this month’s article about well-being and the importance of self-care after close friends had serious unexpected health scares. Also, clients have reflected on previous employments and quoted, “They became their job.” Another client worked long shifts because of great penalty rates and was working towards an early retirement.

How many of you can relate to this as you read it?

Ignoring the need for change can create conflict within your family and negatively affect your health.

Reflecting on my time as an employee, I remember the constant struggle of working long hours and bringing work home. Thoughts of unfinished tasks would keep me up at night, and I would find myself checking emails before and after work, always concerned about my customers’ happiness. I didn’t give it a second thought. I thought it was the norm.

We ride the rollercoaster and don’t even think about work and personal life boundaries.

Work-life balance is the term most used today.

But what is work-life balance?

Is it more that we have not set healthy boundaries to support us?

We need boundaries for work, boundaries that we commit to once we are home with our families, or if living alone, your time and your space to chill and recharge.

Our responsibilities and expectations are increasing.

Our responsibilities and expectations are increasing, and we often condition ourselves to believe that we must work harder to meet them.

But have we ever stopped to question if these demands are truly necessary?

Are they needs or wants?

Reflect on this, and you might find a new perspective on your own work-life balance.

Your Mind and body are sending you clear signals.

Your Mind and body are sending you clear signals to slow down and prioritise self-care.   If you persist in ignoring these signs, your mind and body will no longer be able to support you.

As you commit to practising self-care, you will notice a significant increase in your overall awareness.

A lack of awareness can make it challenging to initiate and adapt to change.

Make self-care a priority

Make self-care a priority by scheduling it into your daily routine.

Just like you plan your work meetings and appointments, set aside time for self-care.

As you consistently incorporate self-care into your life, it will become a natural and essential part of your daily activities.

Over time, you will establish a new and beneficial habit that contributes to your overall well-being.


Create a Self-Care Plan


1. Begin by asking yourself how you are feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Identifying the areas requiring attention is the initial step in developing a meaningful self-care plan.


2. Set Goals 

What are your aims for your self-care activities?

Defining your objectives will provide a clear direction for your self-care  plan, whether it’s reducing stress, improving sleep, or simply having more energy.


3. Prioritise the self-care activities you enjoy the most. 

List the activities you enjoy the most.

These may be hobbies, spending time with loved ones, exercising, meditating, or learning something new.


4. Set aside time for self-care activities in your daily or weekly schedule; 

Make an appointment with yourself.

Track your progress and make necessary adjustments to your self-care plan.

Keep a journal to monitor your self-care activities and note how they make you feel.

If you find something isn’t working or you discover new activities that help, don’t hesitate to modify your plan.



5. Remember to reward yourself!  How will you reward yourself?



I trust you found the article helpful.  Please feel free to share.

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