Why It Is Never To Early To Begin Your Bucket List.

The inspiration to write this blog came to me after my husband and myself sat down to Plan our Yearly Goals and following a Workshop I ran “Setting Goals in Retirement”

A simple definition of a Bucket List is:
“A list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying”

You may be thinking you have plenty of TIME
Beginning early allows you time to plan, save and most importantly,  while you are fit and healthy.
The older you get the less time you have to live your dreams, enjoy your time with family and friends, discover new hobbies, new adventures, travel and look after your health.  These are only a few examples.

The focus of doing what you Want to do, not just what you Have to do is lost as we are caught in the “Doing” and not the “Being”
Lets, face it most of us have to work to provide for ourselves and our families. The necessities of life.
Work, provides an income to service your needs. It is a vehicle to help you achieve and meet your needs.

A Bucket List Creates a Vision of all the things you want to experience/achieve.

It is your wish list, your Dream Big List! The list you always thought about but did not act on.

 Why begin a Bucket List?         A Simple exercise.
-Write a list about all the things you dreamed about as a child.
-Write a list about all the things you wanted to experience or achieve in your teenage years.
-Write a list of all the things you wanted to experience and achieve in your youth.
-You finally reach adulthood. What does your list look like now? Is it a list of responsibilities?
Have the responsibilities become your dreams?

Reflect back to your childhood, teenage years and your youth.  You may currently be in your adulthood.
Are there more regrets than achievements and experiences?

Below is an interesting article from a bestselling novel.

The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.”by Bronnie Ware

The Top 10 Regrets Of The Dying – Power of Positivity article below.


Here is to the beginning of an inspiring creation, Your Bucket List!

Warmest Regards,


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